Smart IxD Lab


Thoughts, observations and experimentation on interaction by: Smart Design

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The Smart IxD Lab is fascinated by what’s possible when digital hardware and software technologies meet. We’re a group of restless designers who can’t stop thinking about expressive objects, presence and awareness, digital making and display systems.

If you’re interested in collaborating, please get in touch. We’re always open to experiments, exhibitions and project work. You can reach our group at:

  • Expressive Objects

    Ways physical products can express personality and emotionally connect with people through behavior, sound, light, information, interactivity, etc.

  • Presence and Awareness

    Ways to promote a sense of connectedness across space and time, specifically for Smart Design’s culture of having one studio culture across all locations.

  • Digital Making

    Techniques for rapid prototyping and alternative manufacturing infrastructures.

  • Digital Displays

    Methods for expressing information on surfaces within a variety of contexts.

  • Sustainability and Behavior Change

    Ways that digital technology can raise awareness, reduce waste and promote sustainable behavior.