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There already are a number of electronic health monitoring devices out there for measuring things like blood glucose, heart rate and blood pressure and we’re looking forward to an explosion of personal health monitoring devices emerging on the market in the coming year.

Blood pressure monitors have led the way, with the iHealth Lab BP3 Cuff and dock ( and the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor ( The physical component is necessary to provide the proper ergonomics and ensure accurate readings, but the digital component offers a host of benefits. For example:

Having a database that’s accumulated over time provides easy tracking to help people identify trends and make connections between changes in readings and changes in lifestyle areas such as food, exercise, and stress

The interactive screen lets people see different views of this data by zooming in or out of different time periods

Depth of information
A rich display lets people view enhanced information to learn more about what it really means to have high blood pressure and how the condition can be managed

The internet connection lets people share results with doctors or family members

With apps being so easy to update, new and relevant information can be provided on the spot to keep people aware of the latest medical research that might pertain to their condition. The iHealth product demo video does a great job of illustrating these benefits:

We’re keeping an eye out for what’s next in this area where the physical-digital intersection makes so much sense.

Posted by: Carla Diana

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