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Circuit Stickers from Jie Qi and Bunny Huang on Vimeo.

Stickers were the official currency of any kid that grew up in the 80′s and 90′s. These generations learned the concept of value one sticky trade at a time. Everyone had a book carefully curated, with pages organized by the sticker’s value, ones were to trade during recess and others to keep forever. Fuzzy, puffy, glittery, holographic, smelly, or lenticular, stickers where the object of everyone’s desire. Today, the interest for stickers seems to have dwindled a bit, perhaps because more kids are captivated by digital content.

Jie Qi and Bunny are introducing a new kind of computational sticker system called Chibitronics. These component stickers can be placed on conductive lines to create a functional circuit, becoming a basic circuitry design learning tool. These stickers are the glue between digital kids and the old standing tradition of sticker trading.

Chibitronics are designed with a flexible polyimide substrate with anisotropic tape or “Z-tape” laminated on the back. This tape allows for electricity to travel either laterally or vertically, but not both simultaneously, it’s almost like an axis diode. Below you can see a close up of the metallic particles that are embedded in this conductive tape. For more technical information about 3m’s anisotropic tape here is the data sheet. For more information about the project and to find out how to get stickers of your own: 



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