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When we talk about the Internet of Things, we often think about data-heavy interfaces and complex tracking feedback, but this is one project that shows how our connected devices can be meaningful in a subtle and poetic way. The Good Night Lamp is a series of connected lamps. Each person who buys the system gets one large lamp (representing themselves), and then a series of smaller lamps (representing the others people in a given network). When the big Lamp is turned on, the associated little lamps in other people’s networks will light up. In other words, someone turns on their lamp send a signal to others in a network; that same person can glance at her collection of lamps to see who is in or out (or whatever message they’ve agreed upon for the light). Some sample scenarios would be a child turning the lamp out to let parents know they’ve gone to bed, or two colleagues turning lights on to let one another know when they are ready for a call or video chat.

We’ve been following this project since it’s early conception years ago and are excited to see its creator working on making the system a reality.

Posted by: Carla Diana

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