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This week Smart interaction Lab took the stage to talk about the Internet of Things and Design at the Make Hardware Innovation Workshop. In our talk, we discussed the importance of meeting real human needs, and we laid out some of the key challenges to tackle in designing for IOT moving forward.

During the “Design Advantage” session we were joined on the stage by two young innovative companies, Canary, creators of a connected home monitoring system and Strong Arm Technologies, developers of a vest to improve posture during heavy lifting. Both discussed the importance of speaking to real people during design research phases and incorporating changes through an iterative design process.

Canary’s product description video.

The other sessions of the day provided the audience with a wide array of inspiration and resources for building ideas into prototypes and eventually scaled manufacturing. Microcontroller creators Massimo Banzi (Arduino) and Jason (Beaglebone) had a lively discussion about the role of microcontrollers in the innovation process.

Perhaps most inspirational are the new services to help innovators move their projects beyond the prototype phase and into production. Presentations by Dragon Innovation, Highway1, Elihuu and several others suggested that great education and amazing resources are out there for anyone is serious about taking a product to market.

Hardware Innovation Workshop events have taken place in both the Bay Area and New York over the past few years. For more information and a full agenda from the 2013 New York event, visit the Make website: Hardware Innovation Workshop.

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