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Verifone is partnering with Google to enable all their payment terminals (i.e. – where we all swipe our credit cards everywhere) to handle NFC/smartphone payment. While paying with mobile is straightforward, the bigger implication could be for what this means to “check in” to a place. Will we start “swiping” when we first walk in to a store, get into a cab, etc – before checkout?

Also, check out the video at the bottom of the page for an illustrated overview of the basic transaction system.

Posted by: Carla Diana


  1. Daniel Kolchinsky says:

    Author of “Bank 2.0″ makes a case that Google sees POS advertising opportunity as its biggest yet:

  2. Ted Booth says:

    That sounds plausible – since Google makes pretty much all their money on advertising. There’s so much attention on transactions and targeted coupons/promotions that- it’s like those scenes in Minority report help us …

  3. Leah says:

    Using your phone in this application suodns like it could be similar to Paywave (PIN-less Credit card transactions less than AU$100), and as gavinfabl mentioned, it adds an additional risk to phone account if the handset is stolen.I heard the Japanese had something to help circumvent this a while ago. Your phone was paired to another device, like a token, and should they separate too far, then the phone would be disabled. I understand that this financial transaction is quite readily available.The other risk to this transaction which many Telcos in Australia have been under fire about in the past is over-spending. The Telcos were letting people run up enormous debts with phone related services, without the limit that is inherent in Credit card based transactions.

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