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Check us out is a new platform currently under development. It was created by Nicholas Stedman, the brilliant mind behind freaky creature like robots such as this one, in an effort to help anyone and everyone be able to build freaky robots.

Nicholas Stedman’s After Deep Blue

Here’s how he describes it on the moti website:

“It consists of smart motors that are accessible from a web browser. There, you can control and program them using simple sliders, timelines and other graphical elements.

Moti takes the struggle out of getting things to move so you can develop your project a lot faster. Kids can use it to build toys and robots, and designers can use it to build animatronics for film, or store displays.

Moti is also flexible in how it can be used. You can customize your controls, quickly add sensors to your application, and make your project available to users over the web, or by mobile device. Moti even has a powerful API that allows engineers and developers to integrate motion into larger systems.”

We’re looking forward to checking it out and making moving mechanical things that we control via a web browser.


Posted by: Carla Diana

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