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Apple CEO took to the stage at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

From Apple’s PR: “Today it is a real hassle and very frustrating to keep all your information and content up-to-date across all your devices,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iCloud keeps your important information and content up to date across all your devices. All of this happens automatically and wirelessly, and because it’s integrated into our apps you don’t even need to think about it—it all just works.”

Bill Buxton, the author of Sketching User Experiences and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, has created a virtual museum for his remarkable 35-year collection of physical input devices. It shows a history of “pen computing, pointing devices, touch technologies, as well as an illustration of the nature of how new technologies emerge”. Check it out at

The collection was exhibited at this year’s CHI2011 conference where Smarties David Cronin and Carla Diana had a chance to see it in person and talk to Bill about the history of device design.

In 2008, Smart Design collaborated with Art and Technology center Eyebeam to create Little Bits, a system of simple, intuitive plug-and-play blocks that enable designers to quickly mockup interactive experiences.

Visit the Smart Design website for more information about the Little Bits project:

Is it that iOS apps are screened by Apple? Maybe, but I don’t think so. It appears to be a culture of poor quality that permeates Android apps in general.

Image from @mathowie via Twitter.

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