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We’ve been enjoying getting our quantified self on in the Smart Interaction Lab over the last few weeks thanks to some great new sensors that work well with Arduino. One of our favorites is the open-source Pulse Sensor product, which comes with a few handy ways to attach it to your body (ear clips, finger straps, etc.). A super helpful and well-organized website for the product provides source code for Arduino sketches that link up to Processing in order to give you visualizations that act as fascinating real-time windows into what’s happening with your heart rate and blood flow.

We recently met with Joel Murphy, one of the product’s developers to chat about the science behind measuring stress and the link between stress and heart rate variation. In addition to learning more about Pulse Sensor, Joel also shared the exciting news that he’s part of a team that’s won a DARPA grant to develop a portable, low-cost EEG device and associated app.

We’re looking forward to watching how the EEG project progresses, and in the meantime stay tuned for some experiments from the lab around Pulse Sensor.

Posted by: Carla Diana

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