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At the Smart Interaction Lab, we’ve been experimenting with many electronics boards and sensors for prototyping connected devices. In the San Francisco branch of the lab, we decided to use some of our experiments to see how they can give us greater insight into our own behavior in the studio. Since water conservation in California is so critical, we decided to explore ways that devices can help us understand water usage better.

The result is the Water Watcher, a device for monitoring and reporting water consumption as it happens: at our sinks. The glowing device provides an on-the-spot, ambient display of how much water is actually being used. It sits near the sink, where LED feedback subtly reminds users to conserve, and the accompanying app provides a more complete report of consumption.

To read more about the project check out Fast Company Co.Exist‘s coverage and a more detailed explanation and video at the Smart Thinking section of Smart’s website.

And stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes report from the folks at the Lab who worked on the Water Watcher’s development!

Update! We are exited to announce that Water Watcher has been shortlisted as a finalist in 2015 Interaction Awards in the “Engaging” category!

Posted by: Carla Diana

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