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Last week artist-technologist and creative coding pioneer Zach Lieberman visited the NY arm of the lab to share stories of his project adventures as part of the studio-wide “Get Smart” lecture series.

Zach, whose Eyewriter project was featured in the MoMA’s Talk to Me show this year, began his talk by sharing some of his early experiments with digital drawing. He talked about the tremendous learning and inspiration that comes from putting his software drawing tools into the hands of general audiences. He also shared some of the story behind the open-source Eyewriter project and his amazing work with Graffiti artist Tempt.

Finally, Zach debunked the myth of the solitary artist working alone and championed the trend toward collaboration and community-based approaches to creativity. He presented work created by artists using Open Frameworks, an open source toolkit that facilitates creative code writing that he co-founded with Theo Watson.

Peter Altoff of the NY Studio said, “what’s really inspirational is that he’s coming at it from an artist’s point of view and not just a technology perspective.” Monica Gonzalez of our SF studio remarked, “I love how he measures success, like looking for the ‘mouth open’ response. It’s very human.”

Photo by Ferdinand Salis via Flickr.

Posted by: Carla Diana

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